Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New dawn over Bucurest

On my second trip to Romania, i stayed in Bucurest, capital of the country. I tried to find out how do Romanian teenagers in a big city live today. Is it any different from life of their peers from small cities and villages? What are they dreaming of, how they spend their time, and does their past influence them in any way? Answers to this questions are too complicated to be written here. I hope i succeeded to give some of them in my photographs. Personal impression is that, in this changing world, young people do get more and more distanced from each other in big cities. Everything here is too quick, pulsating and arranged. Teenage life has strict schedule. School or faculty, eating at fast food restaurants, homework, party weekends, spending money on alcohol, entertainment and shopping. They communicate over computers, mobile phones, and other modern devices. Personal communication is dying. Search for easy money, fame and glory is very usual. No matter if their ambitions are to become politicians, celebrities or football players, they try to find shorter way. And they are encouraged widely by foreign influence, companies offering them exactly that kind of lifestyle, directing their expectations, and giving them wrong role models. But, is it different anywhere in the world? In term of life of teenagers in Romania, nothing has left from communist period. Today, they know about it only from history books, and sometimes from their parents stories. The fact that it was sometimes hard to buy an apple for children in Bucarest during 80's, is impossible for them even to imagine. Today they are disapointed if their parents can't provide them money for Apple computer.

At the end, I want to say thanks, again, to all of my friends here, and all teenagers who wanted to share their time with me! I'll come back to work more on this story, some day. Until than, sanatate (good health) to all of you!

P.S. Since this is just a quick edit, an update will follow soon!



Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New dawn over Carpathi

It's been three weeks now since i arrived to beautiful country of Romania, to work on a story about Romanian teenagers. So many things happened during this weeks, so many new experiences and new friends, so many beautiful young people I met along the way. My project is not finished. I feel there are so many things yet to be told. I will come back soon, if not for the pictures, than to feel again freezing air of Carpati mountains on my face and to enjoy spectacle of eternity in front of me. And even more, I’ll come back to see all my friends. Thank you for letting me record some memorable moments of your lives, for help and hospitality I’ll never forget! Noroc, and see you soon!