Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New dawn over Carpathi

It's been three weeks now since i arrived to beautiful country of Romania, to work on a story about Romanian teenagers. So many things happened during this weeks, so many new experiences and new friends, so many beautiful young people I met along the way. My project is not finished. I feel there are so many things yet to be told. I will come back soon, if not for the pictures, than to feel again freezing air of Carpati mountains on my face and to enjoy spectacle of eternity in front of me. And even more, I’ll come back to see all my friends. Thank you for letting me record some memorable moments of your lives, for help and hospitality I’ll never forget! Noroc, and see you soon!


  1. Nice Job

    Photography Talk

  2. interesting :)

    i quite like the fact that there's actually no need for captions in order to make some sense out of this

  3. i love the shot of the girl with the green scarf draped over her head... wonderful set of images here!